In an act of sheer incompetence today UKIP have been declared guilty-by-default of homophobia after MEP Nikki Sinclaire lodged a complaint against the party and they failed to submit a defence. The openly lesbian MEP claimed she was unfairly expelled from the party after she refused to join its European Parliament grouping, claiming members of the Italian Lega Nord party were “homophobic”.

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Good on Nikki Sinclair is all I can say and I hope that she gets as much dirt and smears to stick to UKIP as possible for the way that she was treated. I can appreciate or believe she’s a loose cannon as others tell, but nothing warrants what she got in return or for anything at all. The bottom story was that she just didn’t see eye to eye with one Mr Farage, which is about the worse thing that you can do within UKIP. Just what I cant understand is why members within the party not regionally as they like her very much but the many outside that just expect her to be quiet or those that will attack her for speaking out while turning such a blind eye to Nigel’s constant driving out decent hardworking members that dare to disagree with him and bullying.

How can they not see that he has been responsible for the resignations or leaving of 18 NEC members and 3 of the party’s past leaders and founder ?? his breaking off promises and constant lies and undermining of other MEPs. How can they justify the party not removing the whip for Mike Nattrass for also leaving the EFD group?

The answer to the above one is very easy, Nikki's expulsion was meant to be a deterrent to stop other MEPs following they just didn’t ever expect anyone else to actually do it, especially Mike as he and Nikki didn't see eye to eye at the time and they are not going to remove the whip from him too and leave an entire region like the West Midlands that elected two MEPs for the party without any UKIP representation. Anyway back to the tribunal case, I’m sure they’ll be future posts to elaborate on Nigel’s traits. The hearing has been postponed and the judgement remains in force. What's amusing to note is whos defending UKIP in this case, Michael Greaves an EFD junkie !